Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I've Been Tagged

I was tagged by My Own Woman to reveal 7 things about myself. I already gave you a list of 17 earth shattering revelations here, but what the heck? If I can't think of something, I'll just make it up. That will leave you wondering, won't it?

OK, here goes.

1. I went to Mexican tonight and had a peach Margarita.

2. I hate snow. The first day is OK - when it's still all white, powdery, and fluffy like a towel. Then day two hits and it's frozen solid and slick as snot, probably a little muddy from the activity of the cars/people/animals/dog crap/etc. Then you fall through as you walk across it and the icy edges slice your skin and knick your artery and you lay on the ground shivering and bleeding to death cause you can no longer walk. Yeah - don't you just loooooove snow?

3. I might be a little off my rocker.

4. I love old wooden boxes. Cigar boxes, storage boxes, decorative boxes. Any of them. As long as they are made out of wood.

5. I love scars. Loooooooooooooooove them. Adore them. Each one tells a story.

6. Stupid people annoy me. I mean seriously, who doesn't know that if your patient's blood pressure is 68/42 you MIGHT want to do something about it?

7. ER on NBC annoys me. But I can't stop watching it. It's my addiction. My heroin. My crack. My 12 year downward spiral into alcoholism. I watch it in secret. I watch it alone. Yes, my name is Julie and I am an ER addict.

Off to tag 7 other people. Hmmmm, I'm not sure I know 7 other people.

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