Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Random Facts About Me

1. I am not only an Emergency Nurse, but also am a Forensic Nurse and work as a Deputy Medical Examiner in my county doing death investigations.

2. I hate to shop. I wish I could walk into a store and there would be a rack labeled with my name and a sign that says "This will fit you and will look terrific on you."

3. I will never take the top lid when getting a soda at the local quickmart. I pull a lid from the middle of the pile. And if there is only one lid left, I refuse to take it. I make the clerk fill it back up and..............I pull from the middle of the pile.

4. (I've changed my mind on this one so I'll erase it and pretend I inserted something witty here.)

5. I wish I would have traveled around the world before I ever got married. Life is to complicated now to just pick up and leave. I want to go to Europe, Africa, India, Australia, Chile, Brazil...................................the list is endless.

6. I function best in high stress situations. The busier the better. During slow non stress moments I tend to be lazy and forget the simplest of details.

7. I hate panty lines. If you have panty lines you are a fashion don't. Seriously people - check out your ass in the mirror before you leave the house.

8. I would rather smell a decomposing body than a GI Bleed any day.

9. People with poor time management skills should not work in the ER. (OK that's not about me, but's the truth isn't it?)

10. My first Code resulted in death. My second Code resulted in death. It took 3 times for me to get a live one.

11. Doing CBG's is a huge pet peeve of mine. I hate doing them. It's such an annoyance. The information is valuable, but the obtaining of the information annoys me like a piece of hay in the undies - not comfy at all.

12. I cuss way too much. Once I leave work and hit the car door, my vocabulary reverts to that of a trashy whore.

13. Road Rage is a part of my life. (See number 12)

14. Does anyone really care about random facts about me? I don't even care about random facts about me.

15. I like chocolate. But really - who doesn't? If you say you don't, you are a lying sack of poo.

16. Right now I am listening to Plankton from Sponge Bob as my kids are watching TV. Can I just say that I hate SpongeBob? That show is a boil on the butt of humanity.

17. I'm done now.


The T-Dude said...


Two things:

1) Spongebob isn't a boil, more like a benign cyst. No real threat, just unpleasant.

2) You've been linked. I like your stuff and decided to share it with my readers.

Max said...

2) wow ,I hate shopping too but I am male IT geek so no surprise ;)

13) road rage is bad mmm 'kay? Be safe ! -stress on the road doesnt contribute to that .But what the hell I know - I use public transportation.

p.s. I like your lists ;)

RevMedic said...

And here I was, after reading all your posts, and finishing up your list, about to propose. Spongebob = boil on the butt of humanity?
Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate= Anandamide = endogenous cannabinoid = yum