Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'll Just Get Right On That Suzy Q

If you are diagnosed with a fracture and the ER doc tells you to follow up with an ortho doc, it is NOT our job to arrange that referral for you.  We are busy.  Go to your primary care doc within 1 to 2 days and have their office staff arrange for the referral.

I do not have time (nor the ability on a weekend) to call your insurance, obtain approval, and then arrange an appointment with the ortho center.

I'm too busy doing CPR on this 21 year old who overdosed on sleeping pills.

And if you continue to be snippy with me, I will curse you in my prayers.

Just sayin'................  

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time Machine and the Flu

2 years ago these same symptoms would have been called "A Virus" and everyone would have been told to go home and let it run it's course.  Now all of a sudden everyone has "the flu" and is getting rx'd for Tamiflu or hospitalized, sometimes unnecessarily.

I brought this up to Dr Q the other day at work.  

"I know," he responded.

Love how the media has determined how we treat patients this year.  


Monday, October 19, 2009


My new friend Richard, AKA Rich apparently, left me a comment asking I link to his post about iPhone apps for EMS personnel.

Hmmmm.... I thought.  Ah-ight.  Can do.

Alas, in my little Burg one cannot use an iPhone.  Piss poor service and reception I hear.  Our 4 bars of Verizon equals 0.25 bars for iPhone.  

But for the betterment of humanity, I shall overcome this little setback and post the linkyloo for those of you who can use it.  My selflessness is of benefit to you.  Yes, Yes.  I know.  

I deserve the Nobel Peace Prize too damn it.  

Update From The Burg

Well craptastic - it's been a while eh?  I guess my life in the ER has not been interesting enough to provide you all with a story or 2.  Either that or I'm just a lazy piece of work that hasn't had the inclination to log into my blog and share.  I'm going for the second excuse.  

Flu season has hit my little burg.  Not only at work, but at home.  I have 2 sickies home today skipping school.  I heard that 50% of my oldest kiddos class is out of school sick with flu like symptoms.  We also have about 15% of our staff out related to their own or their child's illnesses.  Oh boy - the joys of winter!

I've been spending a lot of time on the internet looking at non medical things - like facebook.  Sometimes you need a break from anything medicine related.  Right now is my Sometime.  

I had someone ask me a while back, "Do you think this is a trauma?" for a patient who was pitched over a motorcycle, into a barbed wire fence, and had 2 long bone fractures, a positive LOC (loss of consciousness for my non medical peeps), and a probable flail chest.   




Some people are dumber than a box of rocks.