Thursday, November 08, 2007

ER on NBC (and again)



Well, what can I say? This week's episode focused so much around personal storylines, there wasn't really a lot of medical intervention for me to rip apart.

Who didn't see the Congestive Heart Failure looming on the horizon with the baby the instant they mentioned fussy/crying with feedings? Of course it's easy sitting in the recliner at home evaluating what you know will happen related to dramatic license versus having a real patient in the ER that is exhibiting signs of "colic." Most infants would be sent home and told to follow up with their primary PCP, just like Pratt was trying to do. Very interesting.

I actually laughed out loud when Morris started doing "the bicycle" on the stretcher with his arms and legs to prove he didn't have a spinal injury. That was priceless. I haven't had a patient do that yet, but I'm still waiting. Now, ripping of the C-collar? Absolutely. Usually the patient is drunk, high, or both. "Collar? I don't need no stinking collar!"

Sam's little environmental engineer guy is a hottie!

That is all.

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