Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cleaning House

I spent the last couple of hours going through my links and reading other people's blogs. I had to do a ton of clean up, because many people have closed down their blogs. How sad. Some people gave reasons, some didn't, and some just plain disappeared. Some of my favorite reads are just.....plain.....gone.

It's kinda like loosing that damn book you JUST KNOW you placed on the night stand last night and now it's gone - damn kids took it and hid it again. You'll probably find it under the cat's litter box because Little Sally Sue thought the cat needed a lifted litter box just like the neighbors loud ass truck. Only now you can't read it because that fucking feline scratched her litter full of shit over the edge of the box and smeared it into the page edges of your book.

Then you think to yourself, "I knew I shoulda put that damn cat to sleep last week."

Speaking of cats, mine is in heat. I've never seen a cat in heat before. Hell, most people who knew me 10 years ago are probably shocked that I have ever even seen a cat. I hated the little purring, stinking, shedding, shitballs. But now I kinda like our little MiMi.

Until last night.

I have never seen a cat that wanted to get it on with a cardboard box. She wants to get laid so bad she's just screaming about it. Little hussie.

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