Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time Machine and the Flu

2 years ago these same symptoms would have been called "A Virus" and everyone would have been told to go home and let it run it's course.  Now all of a sudden everyone has "the flu" and is getting rx'd for Tamiflu or hospitalized, sometimes unnecessarily.

I brought this up to Dr Q the other day at work.  

"I know," he responded.

Love how the media has determined how we treat patients this year.  



little d, S.N. said...

yeah, i'm on duty at the campus EMT squad overnight, and we're worried cause the health center is almost at capacity, which means unnecessary transport of not-terribly-ill people AS SOON AS WE GO TO BED

...KMG-365, -Clear said...

If your providers are letting the media dictate how they practice, then they need to pull the proverbial head out of the sand!

In my practice, myself and my partners are really good about dealing with this the way it should be.

1) Screen for those who are hi-risk
2) Be on the look out for the "non-hi-risk" who may be not tolerating well or dealing with the illness (IE: might need IVF rehydration, parenteral NSAIDS/Narcs, or to look for other complications - CXR for pneumonia for example)
3) Treat the hi-risk folks as outlined by the CDC
4) Treat the "non-hi-risk" as appropriate (antipyretics, analgesics, bed rest, fluids, social distancing etc)
5) Treat/admit those who have risky comorbidities or are decompensating.

Outside of that, sound patient education and explanation of why/why not they are/are not getting any Rx's or further care. Treat/talk to them like adults and solicit their understanding.

More often than not, Ive found it has been more the problem with the PATIENT having a warped understanding of seasonal/H1N1 flu than the PROVIDER...!

Richard said...


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Sabra said...

When my girls had the flu they stayed home, in bed (for the most part) and were dosed with soup, liquids aplenty, ice cream, and cool showers. (And ibuprofen, to bring down the fever.)

They did not go to the doctor!

Joy said...

Almost ditto Sabra, but I added a shit ton of garlic to the soup, and oscillo. we had fever over 103 for 3 days. diarhhea for 5. And cough is still nagging now at 3 days after the fever broke