Monday, October 19, 2009


My new friend Richard, AKA Rich apparently, left me a comment asking I link to his post about iPhone apps for EMS personnel.

Hmmmm.... I thought.  Ah-ight.  Can do.

Alas, in my little Burg one cannot use an iPhone.  Piss poor service and reception I hear.  Our 4 bars of Verizon equals 0.25 bars for iPhone.  

But for the betterment of humanity, I shall overcome this little setback and post the linkyloo for those of you who can use it.  My selflessness is of benefit to you.  Yes, Yes.  I know.  

I deserve the Nobel Peace Prize too damn it.  


Anonymous said...

You're a true hero. Many will try to emulate you, few will succeed.

Anonymous said...

Richard aka rich gets around! Got the same request myself on my blog. I'm wounded now that I have found out it wasn't a just because I'm special offer for a limited time only.

How shall I go on?