Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'll Just Get Right On That Suzy Q

If you are diagnosed with a fracture and the ER doc tells you to follow up with an ortho doc, it is NOT our job to arrange that referral for you.  We are busy.  Go to your primary care doc within 1 to 2 days and have their office staff arrange for the referral.

I do not have time (nor the ability on a weekend) to call your insurance, obtain approval, and then arrange an appointment with the ortho center.

I'm too busy doing CPR on this 21 year old who overdosed on sleeping pills.

And if you continue to be snippy with me, I will curse you in my prayers.

Just sayin'................  


MLee said...

they never get the hint.... I patient walk into a room that we were coding and ask for pain meds for her broken finger

Candice said...

I love it when I get numerous patient calls a day asking questions about their medication.

Call the freaking pharmacy for Christ sake! That's what they're there for. Well, that's one of the reasons anyway. ;)

Julie said...

No kidding. Why do people even think to call us and ask how their Atenolol will interact with their Zoloft. I don't have time for your phone call damn it.

And MLee - love it when that happens, don't you? You just have to look at them like they are the stupidest person on earth and hopefully they'll get the hint.