Saturday, March 08, 2008

Personal Hygiene

One of the male nurses I work with keeps me laughing constantly. He always has a comeback that will make me practically pee my pants from giggling so hard. I thought he could never be beaten.

Until Flirty Flora came in.

It took her only one full sentence to leave him stunned and speechless, unable to grasp even the edges of a smart assed reply.

He grabbed her chart from the triage nurse and saw the chief complaint of "fall with abdominal pain." He headed to Exam2 and walked in and introduced himself.

"Hello Flirty Flora. My name is JoeBob. I'm one of the ER nurses and I'll be taking care of you today."

Flirty Flora, who is in her 60's by the way, batted her eyelashes, looked up at him and uttered the now famous words we have posted in our nurses lounge.............

"Oh good. I just cleaned and powdered my twat."


NocturnalRN said...

I think you are on a roll with this and the one above. I laughed out loud at this one though

Richard A said...

Hilarious! Keep em coming -- you found your subject matter element! Write em in a book & publish when you have enuf! (Is Flora an old retired NURSE?) ;-)