Sunday, March 30, 2008

Performing Arts

I came walking out of the break room the other day when I heard Bob say (in a very sing song voice mind you) "Turn around......" I couldn't help myself. I had to do it. I had to complete the song.

"Bright eyes. Every now and then I fall apart.......and I need you now tonight......and I need you more than ever.......and if you'll only hold me tight......we'll be holding on forever......" I sang back at him as I walked down the hall.

The entire staff joined in.

"And we'll only be makin' it right ........cause we'll never be wrong.... together we can take it to the end of the line. Your love is like a shadow on me all of the time.....I don't know what to do and I'm always in the dark...we're living in a powder keg and givin' off sparks................."

By now we were virtually shouting.

"I really need you tonight! Forever's gonna start tonight.....forever's gonna start tonight."

We were all laughing hysterically by the end of the song. I felt like I was in a really bad musical episode of ER. Frightening.


Kal said...

I wanna work in your ER! :D
We got caught by ward sister having wheelchair races down the corridor, she challenged us with "I don't think that's very professional."

We countered with "Neither do we!" and whizzed off into the distance.

Anonymous said...

That is the best song - in college I regularly went to Time Warp Tuesday and they always played that song. The entire bar would sing along. Such camaraderie.

As an ER RN, ever you had anyone black out from "as directed" use of Listerine's new fluoride rinse? Just taking a poll. : )


(Random blog reader - found your blog thru a friend's blog and you entertain me!) : )

Ecnalubma08 said...


I too want to work in your ER!!!!!!!!

Good tune!!!!


The T-Dude said...

Where are you...I miss my ERRN fix!

TheHMC said...

Makes me think of something I'd see on Scrubs. I wish the ER staff at our hospital was that entertaining.

Ali said...

That is fantastic. I want to work in your ER!