Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Have They Checked The Clocks?

Slow day today. I had a whopping total of 3 patients. What the hay? Something ain't right here.

My day consisted of the following patients:
  • a nosebleed
  • a migraine
  • a fall down go boom
I felt like the day would never end. Every time I looked at the clock it was only ten AM - and it stayed 10AM until I finally went home at 5PM. Ever have one of those days? It just refused to move any faster. I did get a lot of QI analysis done on the trauma charts. Yeehaw. I know how much you all care.

Oh! I did get in a debate about pain control with one of our docs. Thaaaaaat was an interesting conversation. Hoooboy. Seems we have differing opinions there, such as I think people who hurt should get pain medicine and he doesn't.

Anyway, back home now wasting time on line.


Vanda said...

Is that doctor English? I think most of the doctors over here don't give a damn about patients in pain.

Anonymous said...

hell where do you work that the ed was that slow....I havn't seen a slow night in 8 months or more...20 holds in beds or stretchers around ..someone called out sick..another is pissed off at the manager....this ones jelous of that one....its real life drauma in the ed where i go home with your back bleeding from the stab wounds....