Friday, February 08, 2008

The Things We Talk About

I washed maggots out of a wound one day. Real, live, squiggling maggots. Apparently, Mr. Hygiene was performing his own wound cleansing via maggot therapy. Unfortunately, he wasn't doing it on purpose.

I was telling the story to Lucy one day over lunch. We were sitting in the break room discussing the grossest things we had come across when I starting telling her about the pulsating mass of maggots. Sally came in behind us as I was elaborating on the little critters.

"It was just vomit inducing Lucy," I said, taking a bite of my lunch. "They were squirming all around and I could hear them from across the room. They were swimming in a pool of juicy body fluid - it was disgusting."

Suddenly I heard Sally retch and run for the sink. Lucy twirled her chair around while I swung my head to the right, fork poised midway to my mouth. Sally looked up and me and instantly vomited in the sink.

"What?" I shrugged at Lucy. She started laughing as she pointed to my lunch.

I was eating rice and gravy.


Orthette said...

Ah, nursing and eating lunch, they go together so well. I was going to tell a story, but decided to post a blog about it instead. Nice touch with the rice though.

The T-Dude said...

I can't decide who has worse stories, ED nurses or pathologists. I guess ED nurses because the subjects of your stories tend to be alive.

NocturnalRN said...

Too funny!