Sunday, November 09, 2008

Running Commentary of a Random Day

My first patient of the day was a STEMI (heart attack). Busy beaver this AM. 37 years old. Yes, you heard me right. 37. No risk factors. NONE. No family history, not a smoker or drinker, eats well, exercises daily. Therefore, I shall use this as my excuse to never exercise, eat like shit, and drink to my heart's content.


A gallbladder and 2 ear infections.

Do you ever find it weird that we refer to patients by their diagnosis and not their name? Even though I do it online for privacy reasons, we still do it in real life.

"Hey Lucy - can you medicate my gallbladder in Exam 2 please?"


Migraine (my own).

Trauma Chart Reviews for an hour.


Another chest pain after lunch, another Migraine, a Peeing blood, and abdominal pain, and a r/o labor.

Then I got transferred to OB with my r/o labor and finished my shift there.

Rural Medicine is great.


Dr.Rutledge said...

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Bo... said...

Whew--you ARE busy!

Ida said...

Sounds like a great day. oh and you are brave saying it's slow here. I want to beat those at work who utter those words.