Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Paging Dr Greene.....Paging Dr Greene - STAT!

So, my prediction for the return of Dr Greene shall be as follows (and y'all know mine will be a hell of a lot more entertaining than anything they have planned anyway):

Dr Greene will come back as an evil twin of the original Dr Greene, who will carry out his evil plans to become a serial killer by offing ER patients via injections of a mysteriously blue colored substance or smothering them by holding the tip of his finger over the end of the ET tube. And then good Dr Carter will come back to save the day, all the while screwing some hot nurse in the janitor's closet. But then (oh no! dun dun dun.....) Dr Carter will be trapped in the dungeon of the hospital by Evil Dr Greene who will inject him with some new bio terrorism substance that will turn Dr Carter into a Stepford Wife. The Carter Stepford wife will then become the Evil Dr Greene's new partner between the sheets.

Suddenly - Sam will show up and kick the shit out of both of them before jumping out of the 5th story window and becoming a patient herself. But alas, the Evil Dr Greene will be able to sneak into her hospital room and will pull out the mysterious blue syringe. Just as he starts to inject the substance Neela will run in, throw her arms around Dr. Greene and say "I knew we could do it my love. I knew we could!!!"

Ack! It's all so shocking!

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