Thursday, October 04, 2007


Who watched the episode tonight? Let me rephrase that - who will ADMIT to watching the episode tonight?


1. DID YOU SEE HOW THEY IMMOBILIZED THAT KID IN THE WRECK? Sorry for shouting, but really - did you see? Straps were all wrong, the kid was twisting around backwards to speak to someone as he was being wheeled in, his body was not aligned AT ALL!

2. That C-collar came off as soon as he hit the stretcher - without an assessment. And they didn't take it off properly either. Then they start rolling his head around everywhere.

OK - I'll pause here to say, "Yes I know it is just a TV show." I know that. Really I do. But can't they at least get things partially right? I know all about dramatic license and blah blah blah.......but don't they know that enough of us watch the show that are actually educated and can pick up things like this? They need a new technical advisor - and I'd just like to say that I'm available for the job.

3. The ultrasound that showed that the teacher girlfriend chick was pregnant.......Um Yeah - he had the ultrasound wand over her epigastric area when the fetal sac showed up on the screen. That's an awful unique pregnancy. My 9 y/o even noticed that one. "That's not where the baby goes Mom." I've got a smart cookie there, eh? She takes after her mom.

4. Reading back over this post already - I completely sound like a whiney bitch.

5. Like a physician would ever conveniently lose a vital piece of evidence related to the comission commision commission (how the hell DO you spell that? They all look wrong) of a crime.

6. Sam looks like shit with brown hair. Bring back the blond. (OK, maybe not shit - but it just looks weird.)

7. Who thinks that Hope dies next week? I looked at the spoilers and couldn't find a statement regarding her, but did you see Morris react to that phone call in the previews?

8. I'm way to involved with even caring about this crappy show. What did I say in my last entry? Something about not admitting you watch these things? I need to follow my own advice.

9. I can't think of anything else to bitch about, so I'll quit now.

10. Oh wait! Will they ever let something good happen to the characters on the show? Huh? Ever????

Now I"m done.

Next time I'll write about one of my real ER visits. Though sometimes they make you shake your head just as much as watching ER on TV.


NocturnalRN said...

I like your blog, you just need to type more. I want more!!! :)Your ER the TV show infatuation cracks me up! I do the same thing when I watch them.

The T-Dude said...

I watched this on tape after reading your post. It was great watching that kid knowing they had done it wrong. I was watching for it!

Carolyn said...

I am not an ER nurse or involved in the medical profession in any way, but let me say this:

1. Sam's hair does look like shit.
2. I hope I never end up in that ER on a night that John Stamos isn't working.
3. Where's Dr. Kovach? Why is he back in Bosnia? What the hell? Does this stem from his real-life problems i.e. getting some chick who is NOT his wife pregnant?
4. Why isn't anyone having sex in the broom closet? That is why I watch Grey's Anatomy.

The New RN said...

Thank you! for putting your ER insights into writing. I also (don't) admit to watching the show without fail; I enjoy it even more now that I have some nursing knowledge. It's like seeing the boom mike in a movie scene.