Monday, May 07, 2007

Preparing For The Move

We've been busily (is that really a word? It just looks so strange) preparing for the move to the new hospital. I went through our ortho cart this weekend and switched it over to a newer, prettier cart. Yes, prettier. Every little thing counts in the ER. I think that it was probably the first time in 50 years that anyone has actually rummaged through that piece of equipment.

I pulled out half the stock - who really needs 28 rolls of 2 inch plaster casting material? You could do some crazy things with that - and we do. When it gets slow, we pull out the plaster and play. Did you know that using casting material you can pretty much make a model of anything? Yes, ANYTHING. What a wonderful product.

So next is the difficult airway cart. For those of you familiar with LMA's, you know how entertaining this will be.


An interesting little tidbit came out of Snake River this AM - A barber in the prison stabbed Ward Weaver in the neck with a homemade instrument. Imagine let a convicted murder act as a barber, with access to sharp instruments, and he stabs another convicted murderer. Shocking - ain't it?

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Kal said...

Am assuming you're in the US?

In Scotland we call LMAs "a fanny-onna-stick"