Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Job Offer

I've been offered the position of ED Nurse Manager. Do I want to take it? Do I want to leave the every day stress induced high of the ED? It's a scary prospect, that's for sure.

What's the good?
  • higher pay
  • ability to shape and change policies/procedures
  • ability to run a team
  • normal hours
  • limited weekends
  • ability to fine tune my leadership skills
What's the bad?
  • I'm one of "them"
  • No longer in the trenches
Now another good thing is that I can still jump in and help during codes, traumas, high census moments, etc. I think that will keep my mind working and my blood pumping. I love the high of working in the ED. I love the moments of insane disorganized chaos. I thrive on those moments. But, I also want to see my family more and have some sort of rhythm to my life.

Working as the ED Clinical Coordinator was perfect. Half time on the floor, half time in the office. Those positions are being transitioned into Nurse Managers now. Decisions, decisions.

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