Saturday, January 21, 2012

SP vs. BSI

I got into an argument today with a medic on an internet board (I know, I know ........ you don't have to say it) regarding the terms SP vs. BSI. She was insistent, and I mean name calling, snarling, spitting, vulgarity insistent that we MUST! MUST! MUST! use the term BSI for Body Substance Isolation and that the term SP (standard precautions) went out with the dinosaurs and RN's are incompetent killers if they continue to use the term SP.

So minus all the emotional rhetoric, what say you guys? I had never been exposed to the term BSI (at least in any way that stuck into my brain as being a requirement for use). We've used SP forevah! Go SP!

I looked up the CDC guidelines (from 2007 admittedly, but the BSI were from 1987 so which is more current?) and they can be found here: CDC Guidelines

1987 - BSI outdated

1996 - standard precautions into favor.

WTF am I missing here? Is this just a medic vs. RN thing? Is it an unstable mental person (her or me? Who knows!) argument on the interwebz?

The term truly doesn't matter, I know it's the idea of providing barrier protection between potential infectious agents for pt/care provider.

But damnit, I wanna know what you all think! So lay it on me.


Damaris said...

I have NEVER heard BSI.

Kristi said...

"If it's wet and it's not yours, don't touch it."

Why does it matter that much WHAT you call it, the principle is the same, right?

I can't understand the rabid argument myself. You go right ahead and call it what you want, as long as you take your precautions! :)

Julie said...

Kristi - I know, I know. I don't understand why I argued it either. Apparently something got under my skin that day. I think it was more the attitude from my debate partner than anything else. Alas......... such is life.

Anonymous said...

As my current instructor says, "If it is wet, sticky, or yucky" put the gloves on. My textbook said "Standard Precautions" and "Transmission based Precautions". No BSI mentioned at all...

PS LOVE the blog!

jgelske said...

I'm just an EMT-Basic and the only term I have ever heard was BSI.

Not that I'm trying to argue it.

Confused Medic said...

BSI is the concept that there are nasty things out there that you don't want to touch, inhale, roll around in (Hepb, HIV, MRSA, VRE, etc). SP or the updated UP (universal precautions) are the barriers we use to avoid the nasties (gloves gowns, shields).

Confused Medic said...

BSI is the idea that the nasties are out there. SP or universas precautions are the tools we use to avoid them

Anonymous said...

At the Canadian paramedic college I work for we teach the term PPE, Personal Protective Equipment. This could include hard hats or be as simple as gloves. Students from different backgrounds use different terms and our instructors point out the differences. I can't believe someone would be so up in arms over something that can be so vared regionally. I can imagine her attacking a colleague in the UK for referring to acetaminophen as APAP.

Mama said...

I know this is an older post, but I remember that thread and IIRC that person is not an actual medic, their partner is and that person seems to talk out their ass from time to time and get worked up fairly well. Sorry it bothered you so much, I've butted heads and just laughed.

Jackie Navarrete said...

My brother is taking his First Responder class and I'm in nursing school. We have also gotten into this debate...

Anonymous said...

I'm in medic school and it's been BSI for me and my crew, but who cares...I like scene safe, gloves on personally. Medics have attitudes and so do some RNs!, but I find females are just bitchy for no reason . Best to walk away and leave the cat to herself. We are all in healthcare together, and the common goal is to serve others...

Officer "Smith" said...

I my training as an Army medic many moons ago, we used "Universal Precautions".

Funny. We still say that in my current line of work.

Never heard of BSI until I read this post. Tell the hot head to chill. said...

a) The correct answer (and current standard-of-care) is Standard Precautions.

b) I love medics, and started out as one a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. And for a long time, kept both credentials current, so I wouldn't have to listen to crap from either side. But let's face, despite the sterling plethora of fantastic medics out there, to get into nursing school, you had to pass an entry exam. To get EMT school, you had to not trip on the curb.

c) Somewhere on the intarwebz, there's a lovely DEmotivational poster. On it is a stunning moment in time of a developmentally delayed child, tongue pointed out sideways, arms and legs flailing, and crossing the tape of the finish line. The caption says:
Are like running in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you've just beaten a bunch of retards.

Food for thought.

Julie said...

@anonymous - love the wet/sticky/yucky phrasing!

@jgelske - sure you aren't. ;)

@confusedmedic - so we both were right eh?

@anonymous#2 - those UK people have issues.... ;)

@Mama - cooled my jets pretty quickly after that. Passion in nursing is a good thing, right???? :)

@Jackie - I want to be at your Thanksgiving Table! The conversations will be intense as the years go on. Good luck in school!

@anonymous#3 - I seriously LOL'd on the "leave the cat to herself" comment

@OfficerSmith - I can't believe I found someone else who says "many moons ago." We MUST be friends....we must!

@Shepherd - I like you.