Friday, October 13, 2006

In Honor of Halloween

It was a dark and stormy night in the ER. The lights were flickering and the bedpans were rattling. The reverberating boom of thunder accompanied the swish of the ER doors each time they opened to admit the next victim. Dr. Q was limping down the hallway, moaning with each step. "Kill me now," he moaned. "Kill me now."

Screams filled the hallway. Horrid gut wrenching screams of terror. Nurses were running in and out of the rooms, wiping sweat from their brows, yelling for more supplies. The lights flickered and went out. One, two, three, four seconds passed before the generator clicked on.

"Dr Q! Dr Q! Come quick!" Lucy yelled down the hall.

Dr Q slowly turned around, fear plastered across his face. His thoughts sent out on the air like an electric current "Oh please, no. Not again. No. No. No!"

"Dr Q! NOW!" Lucy screamed.

He limped back down the hall, breathing heavily. Taking in the air like he would never have the chance to breathe again. Tears came down his face, sweat soaking the back of his scrubs. He pushed open the doors to ER 3.

"PUSH!" Lucy said. "PUSH NOW!"

Dr Q made it to the stretcher just in time to grab the squirming pink infant as he made his way into the world. He promptly cut the cord, handed the baby to Lucy, delivered the placenta, and walked back out the door.

"I hate delivering babies," he whispered as he headed toward the Dr's Lounge.